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Conventional duty belt design and the associated weight they carry cause pain. The pain they cause is a result of the design and development path they've taken.

The Duckbill approach to remedying the pain is a strategic approach. Duckbill product development staff, designers and engineers understand that there are many body types, and a variety of accessories. It stands to reason then that any duty belt and accessory strategy must accommodate the user and not vice versa. This is a distinctly ergonomic point-of-view. In this way, Duckbill is an advocate of the end-user – the one who seeks to do a full days' work for a full days' pay – as comfortably as possible.

Besides advocating the comfort, safety and physical well-being of individual law enforcement professionals on the street, Duckbill is also an advocate of meeting the logistical and administrative needs of force management. As a rule, all forces seeks to be adaptable and responsive to its officers and the citizens it serves. But, being responsive and proactive requires a plan, requires accountability and requires communication. Duckbill recognizes that if duty gear is to play a role in officer effectiveness, then the duty gear must be central and strategic.

Duckbill design and engineering building blocks:

1. Lightweight, flexible anchoring (inner) belt and pliable, strong, lightweight (outer) patrol belt. Read more about our belts and modules here.

2. All accessory modules are made from Nytek material. Read more about Nytek here.

3. Full 360° maximum contact cross-linking (MaxCon™) between anchor belt, patrol belt and accessory modules. Read more about MaxCon™ here.


Pilot Program.

We realize a new duty belt platform is a major commitment –especially when moving away from the accepted practices and standards that have been in place for decades. However, at Duckbill we are confident with our claims of greater comfort, improved health, increased energy and heightened job performance. And in fact, we'd be happy to prove it to you by involving you in a RISK-FREE evaluation project. Contact us for more information.


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