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Duckbill's focus on a more comfortable duty belt has resulted in a belt that meets or exceeds all professional appearance standards and one that also makes a more comfortable, and more stable operations platform than any other in a number of ways.

Duckbill duty belts eliminate unnecessary rigidity.

The Duckbill duty belt is half the thickness of conventional duty belts and eliminates the thick plastic stiffener insert. It is also manufactured using Nytek, which is a synthetic material that is lighterweight, more flexible yet stronger and more durable than leather. Read more about Nytek here.

In addition to the material used, unnecessary rigidity is designed-out of our system by utilizing our unique MaxCon™ technology. The 360°, maximum connectivity between inner "anchor" belt and outer "patrol" belt is the key innovation to a more stable and comfortable platform. Plus, our clamshell docking literally "locks" all the modules on the belt and absolutely WILL NOT slide or creep unless the user repositions them. Read more about MaxCon™ technology here.

The outcome is a platform that's significantly more flexible in both the vertical and circumferential dimensions which eliminates the pain caused by impingement (belt on bone, belt on lumbar and sacral nerve bundles, belt on major veins and arteries) and significantly increases the comfort of daily use.


Duckbill duty belts eliminate the need for keepers.

Due to our MaxCon™ technology, the Duckbill duty platform DOES NOT require keepers.

This frees up at least 3"- 6" of useable space on the belt. And with the ability to precisely position our modules, more space is available for modules to be placed in the optimum and most comfortable position by the user.

Because our technology results in the elimination of keepers, the compelling need to over-tighten the duty belt as a way of stabalizing it is gone. And by eliminating over-tightened belts, you can eliminate the circulatory and nerve ailments associated with that need. Read more about the discomfort associated with keepers here.


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