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The Duckbill Platform
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  Shortcomings of the Current Platform
  Kinetic Linking

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Duckbill Duty Belt Technology & Docking Technology

Reduce Pain. Increase Gain.

Safe & Comfortable
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Flexible & Rugged
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Fast & Stable
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FACT: Weight carried on the duty belt ranges from 8-14 lbs. and is worn 6+ hours a day. FACT: Law enforcement professionals suffer from duty belt induced pain. FACT: 67% of law enforcement professionals admit to muscular, skeletal, nerve or circulatory pain. FACT: In 6 out of 10 cases, the pain affects performance. FACT: Kinetic linking is proven to be a contributing cause to this problem.

When it comes to a duty belt, Duckbill is all about the comfort, job performance and health of law enforcement professionals. The current duty belt platform has remained relatively unchanged for decades and does not address the issues that the Duckbill platform has put at the forefront of its strategy. We discovered that kinetic linking is one of the major reasons officers suffer from pain and discomfort relating to their duty belt. And it is here that we have focused our attention on developing an ergonomic duty belt and module platform that will revolutionize the industry.